Eyeglasses and Sunglasses at Riverview Vision Center

At Riverview Vision Center, we carry a wide selection of eyeglass frames and lenses to ensure you have crystal-clear vision. Our friendly, experienced opticians are delighted to work with you to select the best eyeglasses for your visual needs, budget, and taste. We carry a diverse collection of name brand and affordable eyeglass frames in our optical, and we are also proud to feature the latest in lens technology to ensure you have crystal-clear vision no matter what activity you are engaged in.

We also offer an array of prescription sunglasses. Quality sunglasses are important for everyone to wear, including babies, children, and adults, regardless of whether vision correction is needed or not, as they protect the eyes from damaging UV rays. Prescription sunglasses will ensure you have clear, comfortable, and protected vision while driving or enjoying time outdoors.

A brief description of the types of lenses and variety of frames available


Design, material and treatments are the three components that make up a pair of prescription lenses. It is very important to select the right combination of these for each persons individual visual needs and to consult with your eye care professional before ordering.

The knowledgeable staff at Riverview Vision Center will consider long-term wearing comfort, style, features and function when suggesting a new pair of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses become as unique as the person taking them home.

Eyeglass Lenses

Selecting the right eyeglass lenses depends largely on your activity. From single vision lenses to progressive polycarbonate lenses, we are happy to help you find what best suits your individual needs. The Riverview Vision Center staff will help determine what type of lenses will work best for you in terms of comfort, function and design.

Frame Styles

The shape and size of the frame should enhance the color of your eyes, complement your skin tone and highlight the best features of your face shape.

Most people require more than one pair of glasses, such as one for everyday wear and another for outdoor activities. Having a different style frame for different activities and events make wearing glasses more fun.


You can customize your sunglasses to meet your vision needs. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is also present on cloudy days. High quality sunwear provides 100% UV protection and can significantly reduce the risk of vision problems.

Glare, an issue that makes it difficult to see objects clearly by washing out colors and details, can be minimized with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses will also help reduce squinting, which, in turn, reduces eye fatigue, tension and eyestrain. People who spend time on the water boating or fishing really notice improved vision from polarized lenses.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Prescription glasses and sunglasses commonly have an annoying glare and reflections caused by light bouncing off the lenses. This glare makes it more difficult to see, even at night. Anti-reflective lenses reduce these reflections allowing more light to pass through to your eyes.

All lens surfaces naturally reflect light and this reflection can prevent between seven to 14% of the light needed for optimal vision. Wearing non-AR lenses is like trying to read a book in a dimly lit room. Since AR lenses allow more light to reach your eyes by reducing reflections, it’s like turning up the lights in a room, making it easier to see.

Blue LIght Filters

Recently it has been discovered that he blue light coming from computers, tablets, smart phones, TV’s, etc increases macular degeneration, computer vision problems bipolar disorders and insomnia. A simple blue light blocking coating placed on your senses helps decrease these conditions.